About the Fund

Over the last few years Ukraine is heading for freedom and democracy, inventing new ways to combine artistic and social life. Complex social-economic processes and turbulent history of Ukraine make it dynamic and put at the forefront of development. Existence behind the “Iron Curtain” made Ukrainian art and culture even more varied and exciting.

So that actually innovative ideas thrived, Ukraine needs to develop spheres of education and culture and seek cooperation at the international level, as well as to facilitate international exchange in these fields.

“International Fund of Development of Education and Culture” is a non-governmental public organization dedicated to develop educational and cultural relations of Ukraine. We endeavor to promote integration of Ukrainian art and education into the world’s cultural and educational space and to encourage young Ukrainian artists and active youth. The Fund supports contemporary artistic and educational projects conducing cultural exchange and enlivening development of these spheres. We constantly search for new interesting projects that we finance with the assistance of donor organizations, corporate sponsors and patrons. We also cooperate with state officials, shaping cultural, educational and artistic policy of the country.

Priority lines of action are to restore integrity of Ukraine’s cultural environment, as well as to reduce the gap between the cultural tradition and contemporary educational practices of society.

The Fund’s aim is to fill Ukrainian society with ideas of humanism and creative worldview, to preserve and cultivate Ukrainian cultural traditions, to favor development of art and popularize the best artistic designs, to establish and elaborate international relations, interconnections and cooperation in the field of culture, education and art with public and charitable organizations, centers, museums, educational institutions and other foundations, to support bright representatives of contemporary art and talented youth, and to carry out enlightening activities.